10 Ways To A Healthy Relationship
1. Be friendly – Good relationships are characterised by friendliness. Making friends demands that you too must be friendly.
2. Be apologetic – Learning to say sorry is the easiest way to maintain and build healthy relationships. When this behavior is not learned and practiced, one will always have short lasting relationships with negative ripple effects.
3. Be Jovial – Feelings of happiness and joy have a way of enhancing and positively influencing interpersonal relationships. Sorrow and depression are toxins that negatively affects healthy relationships. Always learn to be happy no matter what. Radiate joy, and friendliness every where you go. This will attract good people to you and making quality relationships will be easy.
4. Make a good first impression – What you make people think of you the first time they meet you has a longer and stronger effect on the kind of relationship you both chose to build together. When people think of you, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Jovial, recessive, approachable, fun to be with, boring, fierced looking, hysterical etc. Making a good first impression goes a long way to strengthening your relationship in a positive way.
5. Be Approachable – Putting up resistances and defense mechanisms are good. But they can hinder and hamper good interpersonal relationships when wrongly applied. People may want to approach you. But when they perceive that you have created a resistance for accessibility, they will equally decline approaching you.
6. Be Accommodating – Creating room for others in your life and helping to meet the needs of those around you is a way to strengthening interpersonal relationships. Creating time out of your busy schedule to communicate with the opposite sex or those of same sex nourishes your relational ingenuity. This is also a good way to making new friends.
7. Get Rid of Parasites – Parasites are people who feed and feast on you, take advantage of you, suck you up, and take the better part of you. They don’t add to you. They only subtract from you. These kind of people should be avoided. You don’t need such negative energy. Relationships get stronger when people of like minds stick together and get worst when one takes advantage of the other. You can be happier getting rid of parasites.
8. Choose Your Friends – Making friends requires a lot of factors, especially lasting friendships. When you choose your friends wisely, you stand the chance of building stronger relationships that will hardly crash. Friends are not acquaintances but those who share your feelings, your pains, and are able to stand by even the chips are down.
9. Lend A Helping Hand – This is the most easiest way to make new friends and build stronger relationships. Everyone loves to be loved, and taking care of. A simple gift can go a long way to changing the way people see you and you need to have half the world to help people. You can start today by helping your neighbor in any way you possibly can. This has a way of keeping more friends than adversaries.
10. Learn To Understand Others – Understanding is a very powerful tool to a healthy relationship. People who hardly understand one another can never come to a conclusive agreement about certain things in life, no matter how simple it is. We all have our similarities and differences, and understanding is the magnetic force that knit us into one indivisible entity.
These are ways to help bridge the relational gap between people of different racial structure and ethnic groups either within and outside our geography.
Uwandu Francis

Published by afamgold

Francis Afam Uwandu is an artist, author, music producer, and a preacher. He has numerous published songs, instrumentals, and books. He is a pastor in The King’s Steps Comfortlife Chapel Worldwide. He lives in Lagos Nigeria and married to Christabel Alexander. They have a beautiful baby girl called Amazing.

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