Oh rape,
Why have you dampened my spirit?
Why have you crumbled my soul?
Why didn’t you let me go?

Oh rape,
You’ve turned men to apes
Eating sour grapes
Trying to escape from your cape

Oh rape,
You’ve cost me stigma, stench, Indelible marks and scars
The drama, the trauma, the pain, the shame
The dent on my name

Oh rape,
Cursed be the day you came
And took my joy away
Life hasn’t been the same
Ever since that day

Oh rape,
You’ve kept me in fear
For years with bitter tears
With burdens too heavy to bear
And bitter words that tear

Oh rape,
How can I break free from your snare?
From your grip, from despair?
From your spear that don’t spare?
From nightmares that scare

Oh rape,
Your desire to have me is vain
My wounds will heal
So also my pain
I shall be revived
And be whole again
©Uwandu Francis

Published by afamgold

Francis Afam Uwandu is an artist, author, music producer, and a preacher. He has numerous published songs, instrumentals, and books. He is a pastor in The King’s Steps Comfortlife Chapel Worldwide. He lives in Lagos Nigeria and married to Christabel Alexander. They have a beautiful baby girl called Amazing.

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