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Oh rape, Why have you dampened my spirit? Why have you crumbled my soul? Why didn’t you let me go? Oh rape, You’ve turned men to apesEating sour grapesTrying to escape from your cape Oh rape, You’ve cost me stigma, stench, Indelible marks and scarsThe drama, the trauma, the pain, the shame The dent onContinue reading “OH RAPE”

ABC of a good Christian

ABC OF A GOOD CHRISTIANA – Abstain from fornication – 1Thess. 4:3B – Buy the truth and sell it not – Prov. 23:23C – Carry your cross daily – Matt. 16:24D – Do the work of an evangelist – 2Tim:4:5E – Exercise yourself towards godliness – 1Tim 4:7F – Fight the good fight of faithContinue reading “ABC of a good Christian”

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